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Pet Solutions

We are here to get your pet looking suave so they can be seen, playing with a toy so they make everyone jealous, and to give them that little extra love when you see them squeaking that damn toy again in their mouth for one last play-time. Pets deserve to be spoilt, and who else better to help you than us. With us you will get the best out of our shopping experience by being guided to the right product for your pet, because they deserve nothing less.

Insight Pet Solutions

Our lives revolve around our pets. We cook meals from scratch, bag up their business daily, and bend the ‘no-couch’ rule too often—because they are family.

Truth is: we all know if our pets wore pants, they would wear them in the relationship. But we wouldn’t change a thing because they deserve the best.

But finding the best is not easy—that’s where we can help. A luxury Italian leather collar? You bet. A sustainable rope toy made from hemp plants? Got it. What about a dog chew that is not too hard, smoked, lactose and gluten-free, or high in fat and carbohydrates? Consider it done.

At Insight Pet Solutions, we maintain high standards for our furry friends because we care. We want to find the right product for the right pet and hold each of our partners to the same values.

We stock a range of premium products from global brands, including Beco, DGG, MyFamily, Flexi, Plutos, Rogz, Sporn, Tasty Bone, Tropiclean, United Pets, and Urine Off. Every product, brand, and decision we make has your pet’s best interest in mind. But the real testers are these guys and gals below.

We (including🐱🐶) are so glad you stopped by!