Rogz RFO Fetch Flying ToyRogz RFO Fetch Flying Toy

Rogz RFO Fetch Flying Toy


The Rogz RFO Dog Frisbee is out of this world. It glides seamlessly through the air thanks to the carefully designed aerodynamic holes and fly-rite technology. With soft edges and a counter-weight design, this frisbee is easy to catch and floats on water. Made from Safe Soft Technology foam, it’s Hygenic, safe and UV and Odour resistant. A must-have toy for hours of stimulating fun! Available in fun bright colours for easy visibility.

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Safety first

Rogz RFO Fetch Flying Toy is made from soft and lightweight materials. This means no cut hands, broken teeth or bleeding gums, making it ideal for humans, puppies and senior dogs. Rogz RFO Fetch Flying Toy is designed for outdoor use, so you don’t have to worry about damage caused by hours lying in the sun.

Smooth flight for the best catching

The Rogz RFO Fetch Flying Toy aerodynamic design enables a smooth and steady flight and is very easy for you to throw.

Floats on water

Rogz RFO Fetch Flying Toy can be used anywhere! Since this dog toy floats, it can be used in the sea, lakes or rivers. Because of its lightweight design, the Rogz RFO Fetch Flying Toy will bob around on water, making it easy to find and fetch.

Easy to pick up

The subtle design with thick edges and three different sized holes means your bestie will have no problems picking the Rogz RFO Fetch Flying Toy. From Boston Terrier’s to Dalmatians, your bestie will have no problem carrying the Rogz RFO Fetch Flying Toy.

The perfect design for everyone

There’s something for everyone with the Rogz RFO Fetch Flying Toy. This dog toy comes in two sizes and three colours.


Level 2: Soft- RFO is suitable for retrieval, not for tugging or chewing.


Body: 100% Non Toxic. EVA Foam.

Care Instructions:

Surface clean only. Not machine washable.

  • Safe Soft
  • Easy Pickup
  • Floats
  • Fly-Rite

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More Information

Safe Soft Technology Foam
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Safe non-toxic and UV resistant
  • Odour-free
  • Soft in mouth, no bleeding gums or worn teeth when retrieved
  • Soft in hand with a thick ridge for easy throwing

Easy Pick-up
Thick edge and different size holes assist easy pickup.

Made from TPR which floats visibly on the water for easy fetching.

Aerodynamic design with holes and counter-weight cavity.

Safe Soft Technology
Lightweight, no more bleeding gums, broken teeth or cut hands.

Fun with fetch!
Besides all its design features, playing with the Rogz RFO Fetch Flying Toy has many other benefits. It stimulates your besties muscle and mind, entices their hunting instinct and keeps both you and your bestie active. You are guaranteed to spend many fun hours together.

If your bestie loves a good game of fetch, then check out the Rogz Lighthouse Fetch Toy and Rogz Pop-Upz Fetch Toy, which are also guaranteed to give you hours of fun.

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